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Preview your HDR photos right on the spot with Exposio

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Modern days’ smartphones have quite impressive cameras compared to those of a few years ago. However, for more specific needs, phone manufacturers don’t always push the functionality of their cameras very far. The Exposio Real Estate Camera app allows you to use the phone’s camera technology to its fullest and capture beautiful HDR photos of your properties. 

How does it work? 

The Exposio app allows a real estate agent or any real estate professionals to take HDR photos, by themselves. By capturing a room directly from the app, the camera will take 9 photos at different exposure times very quickly. The nine photos are sent to our servers to be combined and corrected with our processing software. This process improves the luminosity to get closer to human visual perception. The final photo is then sent back to the application after a few seconds. 

The advantage of Exposio’s HDR processing

Very few cameras are capable of developing HDR photos immediately. Usually, professional photographers will take the different source photos on location and will do the development manually at home with the help of a processing software. For this reason, they will take many more photos than necessary to make sure they don’t return to the location. 

With our technology, that stress of thinking about returning to the location is reduced as you are able to get the HDR result in seconds. Therefore, you can judge if the photo should be retaken immediately on location. No more trips to the client’s location, and no more after shoot editing! 

Exposio’s HDR processing is optimized for the real estate industry. That means that our “HDR recipe” is unique and follows every real estate photo guidelines concerning the colors balance, lighting level, etc.

Recommended equipment

Since the application triggers nine photos in a very short time, it is highly recommended to use a tripod to avoid a motion effect in the capture. 

Some phones today offer a wide angle lens that allows you to get a wider view of the room. If you don’t have a wide angle lens built in or it’s incompatible, it’s possible to get our Wide Angle Pro Kit. This is a lens that attaches to a phone case and gives you better field of view results. 

Want to be even more professional? Equip yourself with a Canon SL3 camera that allows you to connect via WiFi with the phone application. Exposio controls the camera and allows you to obtain higher quality images. 

After the photo session

When you’re done with your photo shoot and the photos are developed in your phone, you have two options. 

You can choose to purchase your developed photos directly from the application. Once purchased, your photos are automatically uploaded to your phone’s photo album. An email is also sent with a link to download your photos. 

If you prefer to analyze your photos on a larger screen, you can login to your account on our Exposio HDR website. In the My Developed HDR Photos section, the photos taken with your phone will be present. From this page, you can make your selection and download them directly to your computer. 

Don’t forget!

All developed and purchased photos are saved for a period of 3 months in our servers via your account on Exposio HDR. Therefore, it is important to always download your purchased photos to avoid losing them

Realtors, now is the time to save money and time with Exposio. Bring a WOW to your client by showing them directly on the spot the quality of your photos taken. The application is free and you can take unlimited photos.

You only pay for the HDR photos you want to buy! 

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