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Real Estate Photography and the Pandemic

Written by Exposio
Telework has made home a workspace for many of us. Our home has also become our safe place! A recent increase in sales reveals a growing desire to move in better-adapted homes away from urban centers. Yet home selling causes its share of worries. From pictures to visits, how can we insure the health of real estate agents and their clients at every step? With the growing demand, how can we optimize our performances as real estate agents without neglecting quality?

The pandemic has changed our ways. As in any sphere of society, everywhere around the world, the industry of real estate photography has had to adjust, to pThe pandemic has changed our ways. As in any sphere of society, everywhere around the world, the industry of real estate photography has had to adjust, to prioritize public health. It has faced the additional challenge of quickly meeting a sudden market explosion. As virtual visits have become the norm, professional picture quality had to be preserved… Fortunately, help was already available!

Technological solutions – safety AND efficiency

As a response to our new reality, we saw the traditional ways shift towards new, safer, more effective technological solutions. Among others, the Exposio application, which allows agents to take their own pictures, turned out to be a handy one-click away solution. With Exposio, the number of people entering a home is kept at its minimum, and ads are published online faster. This new way of working has improved the productivity and efficiency of agents around the world, with professional picture renderings.

Daring to take pictures (and gaining independence!)

Technologies evolve fast in the field of photography. Ever-evolving photo equipment and functionalities can be intimidating. HDR, wide angle, white balance, focus, light adjustment, there is a lot to master. In the face of such complexity, turning to specialists is a normal reflex. Yet Exposio has all the technologies, keeps them up to date, makes picture-taking easier, and handles the image processing. It has all that one needs to be their own photographer.

Mobile phones have never been this powerful. An application like Exposio makes the most of mobile phones to offer superior results, easily. But there is more. It also produces renderings that are optimized for real estate photography. An HDR designed for interior pictures, with a wide angle to show rooms in their entirety, and functionalities to add a touch of light, like Blue Skies that mimics a sunny day. Rain or shine, it is always a good time for your pictures!

A few tips to improve your real estate pictures

Agents everywhere have let their inner real estate photographer come out, as well as their creativity! Whether by downloading the Exposio application on their phone or by experiencing the professional features of one of their organization’s camera kits, they have delivered superior-quality pictures, on their own, safely. Exposio has been around for over 10 years, but it has never been as useful and used as lately, with the distancing requirements. Good news, just when we need it the most!

As for the picture results, the Exposio app does all the work for you.

A few simple, effective tips will help you get the very best out of it:

  1. Add some light. Turn on the lights and open the curtains before taking your pictures.
  2. Clean the lens for sharper pictures.
  3. Remove personal items from the rooms for a more neutral decor.
  4. Use a tripod for optimal results.
  5. Place the tripod 4 feet (1,2 meters) above the ground and make sure to level your camera, to make rooms look their best.
  6. Shoot from the corners of the rooms for a better general view.
  7. Use HDR technology for a wider brightness range.

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