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Switch your old Trigger with an Android device and the new Exposio app

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Designed a few years ago, the Exposio Trigger allows you to take pictures according to specific settings in order to develop them in HDR within the Darkroom software. The device is compatible with some professional cameras like Canon and Nikon. 

Following a production stop and the development of new technology, the Trigger is now discontinued and repair is no longer possible in case of damage.

However, the Exposio team has found a solution that allows you to continue using a professional camera (different from our Pro kits) under the same principle as the Trigger. 

The new method

Using an Android device and a USB wired connection, it is possible to connect your professional camera to the Exposio Real Estate Camera App. In addition to saving the source photos to the camera’s SD card, you are able to immediately develop the HDR photos in the app if your Android device has an internet connection.

If your camera worked with Trigger in the past, it’s most likely compatible with this solution. However, we haven’t tried 100% of all cameras so there may be incompatibilities. 

To find out which cameras are currently compatible and the steps involved, check out our guide in our Exposio Help Center

Using your Android device as the Trigger

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