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Why is real estate photography important for your listing?

Written by Exposio

People often say that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, so why hide real estate beauty from the eyes of the potential buyer? Flaunt it!! And what is better than to flaunt it yourself!

As a realtor, you must know how exorbitantly it would cost to hire a professional real estate photographer every time. So, here we are suggesting how you can be a pro real estate photographer yourself using a newly launched phone app that helps to take HDR photos of properties and save on your expenses incurred in property photography.

Why is pro-level real estate photography

Real estate photography is the most important aspect that dictates potential buyers’ decisions- in favor or against the listing. It aims toward projecting the best of a property, by highlighting it’s most representative assets. Today professional photography is definitely the way forward for making property sell faster.

Surprisingly genuine is (as stated by the National Association of Realtors study) homes with one photo spent an average of 70 days on the market. On the other hand, a house with 20 photos stays for around 32 days on the market.

If not professional, at least pro-level photographs help realtors sell homes quickly. Additionally, you can take back home colossal profits.

For homes in the $200,000-$1 million price bracket, HDR photography can yield $3,000-$11,000 extra…… Quite rewarding for an extra effort!!!

Some more benefits of real estate photography for realtors

1. Great pictures, great sales

There is no room for error with professional photography (this time done with your smartphone). These days smartphones are equipped with inbuilt cameras that do a pretty good job. The icing on the cake is a newly launched phone app especially meant for real estate photography.  

By downloading Exposio Real Estate Camera app, add an extra oomph factor to all your real estate listings.  Photography is all about the angle, light condition, and lenses. As a professional realtor/agent, you have in-depth knowledge of what to project from the property and make it look stunning in photographs. 

2. “Grab the eyeballs”

Extraordinary photographs can bring a potential buyer to your listings. And, aesthetically pleasing pictures keep buyers hooked. It is because humans are sensitive creatures and believe what their eyes make them believe. Hence, something that looks appealing to our eyes is going to get a lot of attention. Supported by visual proofs, beautifully presented pictures do help clients proceed further into buying the property.

Listings with HDR photos are indeed a head-turner in the real estate business. And when you can do it yourself, it is like capturing the sky.

3. A good picture helps to sell the property like hot pancakes

A real estate business is all about selling fast and above the listed price to earn profit. Good quality HDR pictures act as a catalyst to sell faster.

Good photographs are evocative in memory. It might come as a surprise, but good-quality photos make sense as today’s internet-savvy home buyers are conducting extensive research online. The more pictures buyers can find ahead of the deal, the better are chances for realtors to get properties sold off quickly. And, at the boosted price!!

Better prices ensure an edge over your competitor realtors.

4. Trust harbors customers

Visual satisfaction is the key to attract clients’ interest in real estate.

A mediocre picture of your listing will taint the image of your business, reflecting your lack of seriousness. One needs to think like a leader when it comes to the real estate business; merely managing is not enough.

The excellent camera of your smartphone with an app designed especially for estate photography will help win customers’ trust in your business skills. What more!? No need to bear the extra fees of a professional photographer.

5. Can hit two birds with one stone

In this modern era, professional photography goes a long way. The potential of a good-quality picture is enormous and is not limited to a listing of real estate.

As a realtor, you can use professional pictures from your smartphone multiple times in advertisements and pamphlets on different social media. It will reflect the investment you made for your business.

Time to turn your smartphone into a DSLR for real estate

With the help of some extra tools and knowledge about photography and, most importantly, Exposio Real Estate Camera app, you will be able to take great real estate photographs to market the listings for no extra expenditure.

Download Exposio Real Estate Camera app for free on your smartphone today.

You would instantly experience the difference between your traditional estate photographs and those done through the app. In addition, your photo-shoot work will be a lot easier and time-saving once you try our app.

Cut your photography fees by 90% today and experience the new era of real estate photography

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